Twined Upon a Limb

When Adam bit the fruit that Eve had given him,
The serpent slyly smiled, twined upon a limb.
It wound caduceus-like, but naught of healthy sign:
Lo beneficial not for man, nor a thing benign.

In Adam God had breathed the living breath,
But the fang of poison, brought the taste of death,
To his soul and body ― and Eve was poisoned, too...
And the serpent would slither away, from its deceptive coup.

Its venom passes on us, to we of kindred blood:
The serpent wants us at, his lake of fire, its flood,
To coil us round and pull us down, to the place infernal,
Ungraced and bound to an existence there eternal.

"Abandon hope" in word, is o'er the Dante portal!
Pray God, be heard, from a heart of humble mortal.
Abandon not, O Soul, thy Lord nor holy grace,
Enter through another portal, to heaven's holy place!

                                                                   ― John Riedell


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